Drupal 4.7 migration to Drupal 7 - Spoof D5 - Part 2

This is the second installment of my saga of upgrading my Drupal 4.7 internal knowledgebase to Drupal 7.

I had chosen to investigate the Migrate approach. Specifically to leverage the d2d module to make my effort as simple as possible.

My first pass appeared promising but failed very quickly. d2d quickly identified my 4.7 database as a Drupal 5 database. I ignored this as the only options where 5, 6 or 7 and I was not prepared to fully code a 4.7 option. I bravely plunged on and ignored most issues. Until I hit a brick wall when it complained that the table node_type was missing from my 4.7 database. Oops.

I took a flyer and dumped my D7 node_type table and jammed it into my 4.7 database. Success! Mostly...

Apparently the D5 and D4.7 databases are close enough (other than node_types) to all d2d to usefully migrate content.

I chose not to migrate users or taxonomy terms (I think it failed to identify taxonomies correctly, but I did not care) and pulled all 600+ files, ~1500 nodes and ~300 comments over to a fresh new Drupal 7 install. Sweet!

A quick inspection revealed a few BIG problems:

  • my "book" hierarchy had been lost
  • none of the migrated files were linked to the new content

But I had a new website full of old content correctly linked to the proper author and retaining the original published date.

My next post will highlight some of the challenges of getting my "book outlines" back.