Drupal Commerce Amazon MWS Module

The Drupal Commerce Amazon MWS (Marketplace Web Services) module is a Drupal Sandbox project that provides Drupal Commerce support for a portion of Amazon Marketplace Web Services.

As a Drupal Sandbox Project it is understood that the code is experimental and not yet ready for general use. I found the code to be relatively stable, but incomplete. Currently it only provides support for 3 of the 13 MWS APIs.

The MWS module is very complex as it integrates with Drupal Commerce. It also has a number of dependencies:

  • commerce_stock (undocumented)
  • Entity Tokens
  • Elysia Cron

The module requires a third party Nanopod library to provide the direct access to Amazon. The Nanopod libraries seemed to be very similar code repeated 3 times with large amounts of duplicated code. They are also the source of a few bug reports and some instability of the module under cron runs.

The module provides support for the following MWS APIs: Feeds, Products, Reports.

The Feeds API support includes a Product feed that allows listing of existing products on an Amazon marketplace. It also supports a Pricing Feed to establish a price for your listed products.

The Product API support code appears to be complete, but does not appear to be used by any of the other code in the module. It does provide support for such useful actions as discovering the lowest pries for a product via the GetLowestOfferListingsForSKU.

The Reports API support demonstrates obtaining reports from Amazon but in general are not that useful. A report of "sales" can be obtained, but the information returned by Amazon is not sufficient to generate a list of Orders. This would require support of the MWS Orders API.

In summary, this module is a useful starting place. The support it provides is well thought out, but the module is incomplete in that it only supports a portion of the operations a vendor would require.

It also suffers the single Amazon marketplace design that the Amazon module suffers.