My phone is my Personal Cloud

I had a simple problem:

  • Synchronize my Contacts and Events across an Android phone, a laptop and a desktop.

I already had this feature by the use of Gmail. But I was dumping Gmail.

My Gmail account had provided a centralized synchronization point. It was obvious that any viable solution would also rely upon a single synchronization point.

A little bit of though and reflection inspired an aha moment. I routinely use my phone as a data exchange device by using the USB connection to transfer files to / from my phone and other systems. To my laptop. And to my desktop.

My phone could be the synchronization point.  My phone could be my Personal Cloud!

This design approach made the solution relatively simple. Find a way to sync my phone to my laptop. Then repeat the same sync operation from my phone to my desktop. Repeat as required whenever necessary.

This "phone in the middle" model mirrored my everyday use. I add events and contacts on my phone. I check my calendar on my phone. Replicating the data to another computer was useful for data backup and casual reference purposes. The desktop and laptop are not my primary devices for these type of services.

So the search was on for direct Thunderbird / Lightning to Android synchronization solutions. The most popular synchronization suggestion on Google was "use Gmail". Additional searching quickly revealed a leading contender and eventually I was able to locate a second contender. Not a lot of choices. The shortlist became:

Time to check out MyPhoneExplorer.