MyPhoneExplorer - Part 2

After a short burn in period involving multiple 2 way syncs with both my desktop and my laptop, I was ready to wean myself from Gmail.

All I had to do was reload the phone with my current data. Easily done. Using the MyPhoneExplorer App I configured the phone to sync with the Phone Address Book and the PC Sync Calendar instead of my Gmail user profile. I then configured the PC MyPhoneExplorer application to perform a 1 way sync forcing the PC data onto the phone. You need to have some patience for this step. My sync took over 30 minutes as I had a large volume of data (over 1400 contacts and 1300 events).

This loaded all of my data into an Address Book and Calendar on my phone that were not associated with my default phone profile. I had to change the Contacts settings and Address Book settings to default to the Phone Address Book and PC Sync Calendar. My phone now had 2 copies of data on it. The old Gmail profile related data and the new non Gmail stuff.

To get back to everyday mode I then reset the MyPhoneExplorer PC application to use a 2 way sync.

Next step was to get rid of the extra set of data held by Google. I went to the source for this. I used a browser to log into my Gmail account and I deleted all of my contacts and then deleted my primary Calendar. To clear it from the phone was more troublesome. I could not delete the Gmail account as Android claimed "some applications were dependent" upon the profile and I would have to reset the phone to factory defaults. I did not want to do that. The contacts proved easy as I was able to "view" the Gmail contacts, select them all and delete them. The calendar was harder. I could not find a means to delete all events from an Android calendar. So I created a new empty calendar on my PC and then forced a 1 way sync to my gmail calendar on the phone.


Last step is to make a donation to Franz Josef Wechselberger.



I thought I would add a quick update after several months of use. Good solid product.

I have had no issues with the product. I sync my phone to both my laptop and my desktop on an irregular basis. I have very few contact changes but have a regular churn of calendar entries.

I particularly like the sync feature that lists all of the changes.

I moved to a new phone (dropped the old one and smashed the screen) and was able to easily transfer contacts and events to the new Android.

BUT: a few days later I noticed that my awesome upcoming summer vacation that was still 6 months away did not show up on my phone.

I double checked and the vacation was still on my home computer. So it was a sync issue and not a corrupted calendar issue. I poked about and discovered that under tha advanced settings it had defaulted to only sync events 30 days before and 90 days after. On reflection I should have noticed this, except that a large number of my events are recurring. So I had a nice sprinkling of future events. Just not all of them.

I adjusted the settings to sync all events and then proceeded to sync over 1400 missing calendar entries.