Drupal Commerce Amazon MWS Module

The Drupal Commerce Amazon MWS (Marketplace Web Services) module is a Drupal Sandbox project that provides Drupal Commerce support for a portion of Amazon Marketplace Web Services.

As a Drupal Sandbox Project it is understood that the code is experimental and not yet ready for general use. I found the code to be relatively stable, but incomplete. Currently it only provides support for 3 of the 13 MWS APIs.

Drupal Amazon Module

One of the top search engine hits is the Drupal Amazon module. Using a simple module name like Amazon is very ambiguous. Amazon is a lot of things. A quick inspection reveals the Drupal Amazon supports the Amazon Product Advertising API. This API is all about trying to help sell things that are already listed on Amazon,

Drupal Amazon Candidate Modules

Now that we had (lightly) covered the available Amazon marketplace web services it was time to delve into the Drupal world of Amazon.

This task still required a large amount of effort. As per previous posts adding the term Drupal to Google searches along with the term Amazon resulted in Drupal books for sale on Amazon. So I reversed my search technique: I went to Drupal and searched for Amazon modules.

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS)

The second Amazon API I discovered is the Amazon Marketplace Web Service. The previous post covered the Amazon Product Advertising API which was all about helping Amazon to sell products already listed on Amazon. It is intended for Affiliates, not Vendors.

So what is the Amazon Marketplace Web Service? According to Amazon:

Amazon Product Advertising API

This post is intended to provide a high level introduction to Amazon's Product Advertising API. Part of my initial confusion was that the Wikipedia page I first found described features that did not match the current Amazon's documentation that I found next. Wikipedia seemed to imply that the Product Advertising API provides vendor marketplace support. It does not.

Amazon Marketplace API Discovery

Now that we have established a bit of an eCommerce Amazon marketplace background in the preceding posts, it is time to roll up our sleeves and try to dive into Amazon's automation APIs. I say try, because I originally found it very difficult to discover where to dive. My Google-Fu failed me.

Amazon Marketplace Seller Processes

A vendor wishing to sell products on Amazon needs to successfully execute a number of processes in a consistent manner. Earlier posts provided a high level overview of the generic sales transaction steps from both the buyer and the sellers perspective. We now want to provide a more in-depth look at the routine seller processes.


Running a Marketplace Storefront

Before we go and automate everything, it makes sense to step back and think about what we as a seller really need to do.

Marketplace seller: Amazon vs eBay vs etc...

This post is intended to provide some additional introductory eCommerce information so that the reader has a more complete appreciation of the Amazon selling experience.

There are many flavours of online stores. I will quickly & arbitrarily group them into the following categories:

So you want to sell on Amazon?

Amazon is well known in North America (and several other parts beyond our shores). Everybody understands that Amazon is one of the online places you go to buy things. Amazon also means a very different thing to computer geeks: AWS - Amazon Web Services. AWS is known for being a cloud computing service. Very different from the original online store, not shopping related at all. I mention this now because it will come up later. It should not, but it does. Sigh...


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